Principles of Asian Students ICT Exchange based on Instructional Design

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Instructional design (ID) research in Educational Technology in international collaborative activities must account for the cultural differences of the participants. In a setting where a collaborative presentation must be made, successful negotiation of those differences is critical in order to present a group project by the target date.

In projects preparing participants to tackle the issues regarding SDGs, learner-centered principles will be proposed in each of the following three areas: dividing three stages: ICT advanced stage before face to face authentic setting (face to face collaborative stage, reflective learning stage); Adjusting task-based learning in congruence of the learning outcomes; Adopting “the community of Inquiry” to facilitate cognitive development of the students.

Makoto Kageto
Makoto Kageto, Research Fellow, Uchidayoko Institute for Education Research, Affiliate Professor, Nihon Fukushi University, Japan
Dr. Makoto Kageto, Ph.D. is a Research fellow, UCHIDA YOKO Education Research Institute, an Affiliate Professor, Nihon Fukushi University, JAPAN, the Executive director, World Youth Meeting Steering Committee, and a Councilor of Japan Society of Educational Technology.
Shinichi Sato
Shinichi Sato, Professor, Nihon Fukushi University, Chief Editor, International Journal of Educational Media and Technology (IJEMT), Japan
Dr. Shinichi Sato, Ph.D., is a Professor, Nihon Fukushi University, JAPAN, the Chief Editor of International Journal of Educational Media and Technology, and a Board member of Japan Association for Educational Media Study
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Plenary Session
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