Do We Practice What We Preach? An Exploration of Wellness

Session Description
This presentation will focus on a recent study looking factors of wellness and burnout in counselor educators, comparing teaching settings. While the focus of the study was on those who teach counseling, the role of wellness and burnout in online educators is important to address.

In a world and profession that seems to demand more and more of ourselves, it can seem that these increasing pressures can leave us feeling a bit empty and run down. Keeping up with the fast pace of academia can lead to issues of self-esteem and self-confidence. Examining these factors can help us to understand how we can continue to do what we love, with confidence and keep up our self-esteem in order to avoid burnout.

It is vital to understand the contributing factors to create an environment that is more conducive to genuineness, confidence, and enhanced self-esteem. The factors that play into wellness and burnout might not be the same across settings in relation to teaching location, for example, online versus in-seat. Thus, it is important that we look at unique factors in each setting to enhance ourselves and our team as educators.

The goal of this presentation is to educate professionals of the factors that influence burnout and wellness, learn how to adjust our own work to lessen the impact of burnout factors and increase wellness, and how to not lose ourselves in the process.

Sarah Jarvie
Sarah Jarvie, Colorado Christian Univeristy, CO
Dr. Sarah Jarvie is an Assistant Professor at Colorado Christian University. She has been a full-time counselor educator since 2014. She has a background in community mental health and private practice with clients of all ages from children to adults. Dr. Jarvie enjoys infusing connection between clinical practice and the classroom. Her research interests include person-centered education, teaching applications to counseling, and counselor and counselor educator wellness.
Cara Metz
Cara Metz, Ashford University, CO
Dr. Cara Metz is an Assistant Professor at Ashford University. She has been a full-time counselor educators since 2013, and a licensed professional counseling since 2006. She mainly worked with adolescents and adults in her practice. Dr. Metz’s theoretical orientation is person-centered, which she uses both in professional practice and teaching. Her research interests include, person-centered education, online education, and wellness.
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20-Minute Session
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