Let’s Hangout – Successful Student Study Groups – Snacks Optional

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Over the past several weeks, I have introduced the idea of online student study group to my different math courses. Still in the early stages, I have found that the students have enjoyed setting them up and interacting with each. There are pros and cons to this idea which I will continue to research and explore in the upcoming terms. This is a concept I would love to share with my colleagues across all curriculums.

Forming study groups is a very valuable strategy for enhancing learning. This is because groups share unique insights and learn from each other. In this presentation I will share the benefits of beginning and joining a student lead study group, ideas that can help a study group flourish and succeed. I will also introduce the different methods of where a study group can be help.

I am hoping that by helping students see the advantages that participating in a student lead online study group will increase their academic performance as well as improve their confidence, communication skills among their peers, and become aware of the diversity of the classroom.

The outcomes of this presentation will help in connecting globally by providing suggestions on creating a highly social learning environment. Holding group members accountable for the growing success of the students while learning new ways to approach subject matter. Finally, providing students with a support system that gives and receives motivations and support from fellow students in the group.

Candy Mowen
Candy Mowen, Greencastle, United States
Candy Mowen has received the distinction of CFD (Certified Faculty Developer) from the Learning Resources Network which enables her to train faculty in the latest, most advanced faculty development strategies and techniques. I have been a college professor for the past 11 years and also teach in the public sector at Franklin County Career and Tech School.
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20-Minute Session
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