Exploring Emojis in Higher Education: A Meta-Synthesis

Session Description
Emojis have become a standard way to express tone and intention when communicating digitally. The use of emojis has become so prevalent in digital culture that, in the United States, you can order a pizza by texting an emoji to Dominos (“Anyware,” 2019). Emjois are a new form of digital literacy students must learn to read and use effectively in all areas of their lives. How then, have emojis seeped into higher education, specifically, online higher education? This session presents a meta-synthesis of the research on how emojis are used in higher education. It also covers how emojis potentially affect communication between student and professor. Lastly, it will discuss how professors can prepare students for appropriate use of emojis in their professional lives.
Jessica Love
Jessica Love, Purdue University Global, IO

Session Type
20-Minute Session

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