Humanistic Approach to Online Educate

Session Description
This presentation will explore how to create a person-centered environment in an online classroom. We will discuss what our definition of a humanistic online classroom, issues distance education can present, and how we, as counselors and educators, can model humanistic behavior from a distance. Additionally, techniques that we use to create an encouraging environment in which students feel heard, understood, and confident will be explored and discussed. Participants will come out of the presentation with ideas and strategies they can implement in their own online person-centered classroom
Cara Metz
Cara Metz, Ashford University, CO
Dr. Cara Metz is an Assistant Professor at Ashford University. She has been a full-time counselor educators since 2013, and a licensed professional counseling since 2006. She mainly worked with adolescents and adults in her practice. Dr. Metz’s theoretical orientation is person-centered, which she uses both in professional practice and teaching. Her research interests include, person-centered education, online education, and wellness.
Sarah Jarvie
Sarah Jarvie, Colorado Christian University, CO
Dr. Sarah Jarvie is an Assistant Professor at Colorado Christian University. She has been a full-time counselor educator since 2014. She has a background in community mental health and private practice with clients of all ages from children to adults. Dr. Jarvie enjoys infusing connection between clinical practice and the classroom. Her research interests include person-centered education, teaching applications to counseling, and counselor and counselor educator wellness.
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45-Minute Interactive Session
All Audiences

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