Active Learning: Getting Students to Work and Think in the Classroom

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This paper addresses the question of how to incorporate active learning into your curriculum and transform your classroom into an exciting, dynamic learning environment. The study involves building of websites in a business course in the Business and Information Systems Department at the Bronx Community College/City University of NY, New York. (1) Online discussion forum using Piazza to encourage effective collaboration; (2) course management online tool – Blackboard; (3) Starfish, a CUNY-wide online early alert and communication system to connect students with professors and advisors; (4) website project-based learning to increase student investment, motivation, and performance; & (5) online publishing will be discussed. At the end of the website project, feedback from students was collected to bring out the students’ opinion on the implementation of their projects to help develop their technical (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript) and writing skills. After the analyses of both the quantitative data and the feedback of the students it was found that the websites fulfilled most of the criteria for a good website.
Kwi Park-Kim
Kwi Park-Kim, Bronx Community College/The City University of New York (CUNY), NY
Kwi Park-Kim is Associate Professor of Business & Information Systems Department at
Bronx Community College/The City University of New York
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20-Minute Session
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