Strategies for Promoting Copyright Awareness in Student YouTube Video Projects

Session Description
This session provides a brief overview of copyright issues and awareness strategies pertinent to student YouTube video projects. The information is drawn from the presenter’s research and more than a decade of experience teaching an online YouTube for Educators course. Over the years, students in this course have struggled with confusion over copyright and fair use when creating YouTube video projects that contain media assets downloaded from the internet or acquired from other sources. Copyright and fair use are complex topics and most of us will never be legal experts in this area. However, there are strategies for promoting copyright awareness and ethical practice when acquiring and integrating media created by others in YouTube video projects.

Participants will gain (1) information about copyright and fair use problems that students might encounter when creating YouTube videos and (2) practical strategies to help students become more aware of copyright and how they might identify media assets that can be used in their videos.

The goals for this session are to discuss:

  • A brief history of copyright issues on YouTube and the implications for student video projects.
  • Considerations for ethical acquisition and use of media assets in YouTube videos.
  • Strategies for promoting copyright awareness during student YouTube video projects.
Chareen Snelson
Chareen Snelson, Boise State University, ID
Dr. Chareen Snelson is an Associate Professor with the Educational Technology program at Boise State University. She has worked in online education for more than seventeen years having designed and taught a wide variety of graduate-level educational technology courses including media design, leadership, and qualitative research methods. Her scholarly activity has focused on several areas including online learning, educational video production, educational applications of YouTube, and qualitative methods education.
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20-Minute Session
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