Faculty-librarian partnership in shifting to OER

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This case study explored how one teaching faculty member, Ms. Day, developed a new course together with librarians who were running Open Educational Resource (OER) initiatives at a large public university. Three types of data were collected: interviews, observations of consultation meetings between Ms. Day and librarians, and documentation. In Ms. Day’s case, librarians not only helped her secure OERs, but also provide consultation on course design. They worked together mainly through an OER workshop facilitated by librarians, three face-to-face consultations, and consultations via email. By partnering with librarians to develop her new course with OERs, Ms. Day increased knowledge of OERs, increased odds of getting her new course approved, and improved competence in instructional design. She learned how to implement OER-enabled pedagogy in her class to create enriched and positive learning experience. Librarians provided a different way to look at the new course design and made constructive suggestions. However, there were three major tensions that hindered collaborations between them: time constraint, limited capacity, and technology issues. The finding suggests shifting to OERs could be a large process in which faculty-librarian partnerships were necessary and essential. The process helped faculty smoothly shift to OERs in their course and improve their teaching. The study would benefit the audience who are interested in shifting to OERs. The audience would learn where to find appropriate OERs for their course, how to implement OER-enabled pedagogy in their class, and how to effectively partner with librarians to incorporate OERs in their class.
Zhongrui Yao Yao
Zhongrui Yao Yao, Florida State University, CA
I am Zhongrui Yao who just successfully defended her dissertation on March 30, 2020. My research interest lies in social media, MOOCs, online learning, online community, and Open Educational Resources (OERs). I am passionate about teaching online. I have taught the same online course in two semester and had rewarding experience.
Vanessa Dennen
Vanessa Dennen, Florida State University, FL

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