An Examination of Human Resources Professionals’ Perceptions about The Integration of E-learning in the Workplace

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This qualitative study was developed to examine the current environments in which workplace learning and e-learning in the service industry in Hawaii is developed and executed and how the HR professionals perceived the workplace learning environments. For this purpose, through the three research questions based on the conceptual framework, this study helped to gain insights to the perceptions of the HR professionals about the integration of workplace learning and e-learning in the service industry in Hawaii. It appeared that at present, face-to-face workplace learning was still a common delivery method and appropriate for certain groups of employees. However, the participants saw changes in learning environments in the industry, workplace, and employees. From the interviews, it was found that there were more than a few challenges in the development and implementation of workplace learning in organizations regardless of the delivery mode. Overall, the qualitative data suggests that the participants lack the knowledge of learning theories, institutional design models, education technologies and pedagogical or andragogical theories, needed to develop and support learning and to understand the current e-learning industrial environment.
Ken Kiyohara
Ken Kiyohara, Hawaii Tokai International College, HI
Ken Kiyohara grew up in Japan. After having attended a high school in Ohio, USA, he went to the University of Iowa. Upon receiving his B.A. in Communication Studies and minor in Asian Studies, he then completed an M.A. degree in Teaching Japanese as a Second Language. He worked for Japanese and American companies in the mainland US where he experienced intercultural communicational issues in multinational organizations. These professional experiences prompted him to undertake and complete fully-employed management and business administration program at Pepperdine University. In Hawaii, he worked in the UH system in the areas of international education, continuing education and training, and online and face-to-face instructions. He is currently graduating from LETC’s PhD program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in May and hopes to continue his area of research in the integration of technology in workforce development and continuing education.
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