Developing an Online Training: U.S. Passport Application Acceptance Agent Pre-Certification

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U.S. Passport Application Acceptance agent candidates are asked to attend the certification training workshop at the Honolulu Passport Agency and take the exam the same day. Candidates will be attending the class without any prior knowledge of the content and will be taking the certification exam the very same day. Candidates feel that a one-day training workshop and being tested the same day is not realistic to pass the certification exam. By giving the candidates pre-training, it will lessen their stress and pressure by giving them the idea of what is to come. This online course will prepare the candidate with basic knowledge of accepting U.S. Passport applications and increase the pass rate for the certification exam.

The purpose of this online training module is to prepare the employees at Kapiolani Community College (KapCC) in the Hospitality and Tourism Education department to be a certified U.S. Passport Application Acceptance agent so the KapCC U.S. Passport Application Acceptance office can service and meet the growing demand of U.S. citizens to obtain Passports. This training uses the Social-Cognitive Learning theory. The learners learn by the examples the instructors give and activities using picture images, videos on youtube, flipgrid and H5P hotspot. The assessment of their learning will be done using Kahoot!, and a traditional multiple-choice test. The whole training course will be held online on Laulima. The highlight of the training will be the activity using Flipgrid to create a fun interactive discussion.

Julie Takeda
Julie Takeda, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, HI

Jessica Lum
Jessica Lum, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, HI

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LTEC Session
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