Quantum Teaming: How to create a virtual internship to provide online students with real-world experience

Session Description
This presentation will provide insight into the creation of a successful virtual internship program. We will discuss/share all aspects of our virtual internship program to include how to establish and set up a virtual environment for students to interact and learn real world applications with hands on activities. We will also explore the academic side of the internship program from the development side to the instructor side. This is meant to be the type of presentation with informal information and plenty of opportunity for questions/remarks from the audience.
Glen Jenewein
Glen Jenewein, Purdue University Global, IN

Desiree DePriest
Desiree DePriest, Purdue University Global, IN

Marjorie Furay
Marjorie Furay, Purdue University Global, IN

Session Type
20-Minute Session
All Audiences

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  1. Hello,
    Is there a way I can download the presentation?
    We would like to present this to the interns in their orientation and as an example of presenting live for peer-review.
    Thank you,
    Marjorie Furay

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