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Nowadays, Chinese language has become more and more popular, because many people are attracted by the five thousand years of Chinese history and culture. Some people want to learn Chinese because they need the language skill for their jobs. In addition to these two groups, some people may still need to decide indeed which language they will start to study, so they may still be searching. There are many different resources online now for teaching Chinese. However, a website clearly only targeting to the very beginners of Chinese language learning is limited and necessary in this era of information exploration.

My research project was to develop and evaluate the usage of a website I designed, which is called “Happy Chinese – Magic Five Lessons” ( I created this website and videos based on Microlearning style, to divide the lessons into very small chunks with little content and few sections, for easy learning. The visual designs were very important to gain users’ trust by expressing the Chinese traditional feeling with images on the website. The researcher conducted three rounds of usability tests with a total of nine participants. In this presentation, I will discuss the results of the data analysis from the usability tests and the revisions made to this website. In general, this website got very positive results and reactions from the participants because of the clear layout, easy navigation and access to videos, and culture-enriched design.

Hongwei Shimizu
Hongwei Shimizu, University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI
Hongwei Shimizu received BA in Visual Media and MFA in Film & Electronic Media both from AU (American University). She has big passion in teaching, so she also gained Oxford Seminars’ TESOL/TESL/TEFL (100-HOUR) Certificate and Certificate in Greenburg PH.D. Teaching Seminar. Hongwei Shimizu now is a second year LTEC Master student at UH. She hopes she can contribute more and more in the education field of her Visual Media techniques and Multi-languages (Japanese, Chinese, and English) skills.
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