The Design of a Mini Course of Basic Photography

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Nowadays, visual arts are becoming more and more important in all different areas in our life and study. In universities, visuals are often needed when students to do their academic presentations regardless of their major, or to share their happy school lives through social media, or to make posters for their university clubs, and so on. The advanced development of digital tools allow people to take photos in a much easier and quicker way. Since most mobile phones have the ability to take pictures, photo-taking has become more affordable.

However, there is still differences between taking photos and taking good photos. With better quality photos, the camera person can communicate the message with their audience easily and correctly. I created a course to teach College Freshmen (in all majors) to gain basic photography knowledge and skills. Through this one credit course, the students will be able to tell the differences between the good and better photos, and more importantly, they will be able to take great photos by themselves.

How to deliver the content effectively online without fact to face opportunities to do the lectures and hands-on practices, is an interesting challenge for creating this mini course. In this session I will talk about the major design of this course which I created on Canvas.

Hongwei Shimizu
Hongwei Shimizu, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, HI
Hongwei Shimizu received BA in Visual Media and MFA in Film & Electronic Media both from AU (American University). She has big passion in teaching, so she also gained Oxford Seminars’ TESOL/TESL/TEFL (100-HOUR) Certificate and Certificate in Greenburg PH.D. Teaching Seminar. Hongwei Shimizu now is a second year LTEC Master student at UH. She hopes she can contribute more and more in the education field of her Visual Media techniques and Multi-languages (Japanese, Chinese, and English) skills.
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