Digital Microcredentialing is Transforming Higher Education

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Higher education institutions across the country are implementing digital badges and credentials to guide, motivate, document, and validate formal and informal student learning. Today’s credentials include digital badges and micro-credentials that open new doors for adult learners toward quick wins for career development and add value with visual recognition for accomplishments. Digital badging provides a digital transcript that highlights a learning narrative that makes competencies, accomplishments, and connections more visible. During this session, you’ll learn how digital badging supports learning and motivates students to progress through their courses, programs, and new educational models. We’ll also discuss the types of data that are available to determine the success of your badging initiative.
Veronica Diaz, Ph.D.
Veronica Diaz, Ph.D., Director of Professional Learning, EDUCAUSE, United States
Dr. Veronica Diaz has over 17 years of experience supporting faculty and teaching and learning programs in higher education as well as 10 years supporting adult professional learning in associations. Currently, she serves as the Director of professional learning at EDUCAUSE and ensures that learning and development programs support and advance the overall strategic priorities of professional learning, member communities, and research teams.
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  1. Thank you very much for this presentation.

    First off, your presentation style was pleasant and engaging.

    Second, I valued the thoroughness/depth of the information shared.

    And by the way, I will receive my first digital badge in May while pursuing my Master’s in instructional design at California State University, Fullerton. I agree with you about the extra motivation that is ignited for me knowing that I will pick up a DB. I’m contemplating how I might leverage it while I earning a subsequent DB and eventually my degree.

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