Screencasting – Which Software to Use?

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Screencasting, not used much in the early days of distance learning, is popular today. Many screencasting software options are now available. This presentation examines the various screencasting options and provides guidance for selection compatible with the instructor’s purpose.
Satoru Shinagawa
Satoru Shinagawa, Professor, Languages, Linguistics and Literature, Kapiʻolani Community College, United States
Satoru Shinagawa has taught Japanese courses online since 1999. He is currently interested in how technology is best implemented in online learning. He enjoys the use of new technologies in his Japanese classes. These technologies are easily integrated into any online course.
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Plenary Session
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  1. Sensei Satoru,

    It is like stepping into the most magical place to listen to your wonderful tools and insights that strengthen your language classes.

    The day at Kamehameha schools serves as a moment in time so poignant that I felt the connection between our TCC Ohana and the traditions of the past.

    The purple taro treats that Frank and the wonderful hosts at Kamehameha schools are among my fond memory of those halcyon days touring the places important to our past and shared with you and our community.

    To see the seeds cultivated that had not seen the sun in many years reminded me of how our gatherings touch and past and inspire the future.

    Many thanks for your fierce devotion to learning! *cheers*

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