Learning Spaces Around the World: Global Trends, Perspectives, and Challenges

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This session will highlight the latest trends of the innovative physical Learning Spaces (Active Learning Classrooms, Collaborative Lecture Theatres, Learning Commons and Learning Centers). It will especially discuss the key design principles, the strategic shifts that can be observed in Higher Education, as well as the position of those new space in the new campuses’ geopolitical landscapes. It will also present the different competition levels they may face and different frameworks and tools currently available for their design and their assessment.
John Augeri
John Augeri, Director, Ile-de-France Digital University, Paris
John Augeri is Director at Ile-de-France Digital University (Paris). He leads since 2016 a research project consisting of an international comparative study that already involved more than 220 spaces located on four continents. He has developed and translated several major design and assessment tools.

He also advises several governances in major American, Canadian, Japanese, Singaporean and Australian universities for their campuses’ spaces transformation strategic plans.

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Plenary Session
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