Artificial Intelligence in Education ~ Promise and Implications for Teaching and Learning ~

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Multimillion-dollar funded companies are increasingly selling their education-focused AI technologies into schools worldwide – despite limited evidence of effectiveness, and with little consultation or debate. The widespread introduction of AI in education needs to be subjected to critical scrutiny, and I will recommend that educators engage in early discussions with the AI technologists and entrepreneurs – all to ensure that the use of AI in classrooms is genuinely beneficial and that it always starts and ends with the learning.
Dr. Wayne Holmes
Dr. Wayne Holmes, Principal Researcher, Nesta, UK
Wayne Holmes, Ph.D. is the Principal Researcher (Education) at Nesta on the application of Artificial Intelligence to both enhance and further understand learning and the ethical and social implications of AI applied in educational contexts. He is the co-author of three books: Artificial Intelligence in Education. Promise and Implications for Teaching and Learning; Technology-enhanced Personalised Learning: Untangling the Evidence; and Intelligence Unleashed: An Argument for Artificial Intelligence in Education. He also advises the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI (Education Taskforce) and UNESCO on the pedagogical, ethical and social implications of AI in education (including leading UNESCO’s ‘Policy Guidelines for AI in Education’, in preparation).
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