Enhancing Generational Knowledge using a 21st Century Curriculum Model

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This presentation discusses a paradigm shift that transforms educators into Edupreneurs who provide personalized learning to meet evolving generational needs.

The delivery of online degree programs within higher education is continuously evolving and becoming more efficient as technological and curriculum design factors merge to enhance learning effectiveness. The advance of technology challenges the modification of learning habits of future generations; the era of sitting in front of a computer to engage stale eLearning curriculum designed for the masses has run its course. The ability to take short courses via mobile technology has made eLearning-on-the-go a reality. Virtual reality will soon usher in a new learning environment in which students will attend school. In the very near future, artificial intelligence will become the teacher’s assistant and may even replace the role of an educator as we know it today! It is important to establish a presence and build sustainable businesses that attract generations of the future.

Noel Broman
Noel Broman, Purdue University Global, United States
Noel Broman, Ph.D., has worked in information systems and technologies for 25 years, with areas of expertise in network design and development, cyberscecurity, higher education instruction and curriculum development, subject matter expertise in information technology. Dr. Broman’s research interests include telecommuting, cryptography / cryptanalysis, organizational communication, IT ethics, IS security and control, online learning management and facilitation, data management, analytics, cognitive science, and educational psychology.
Glen Jenewein
Glen Jenewein, Purdue University Global, United States
Glen Jenewein, PhD (ABD), MSIT, is the director of undergraduate internships for the School of Business and Information Technology at Purdue Global. In his classes, he focuses on ways to use new technology to enhance the student learning experience. Jenewein worked as a professor in the technology field for over 18 years, including as the director of distance learning at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. Jenewein also spent 13 years in the U.S. Navy as a communications officer and was instrumental in establishing communications from the South Pole, Antarctica to Paramus, New Jersey.
Sean Doyle
Sean Doyle, Purdue University Global, United States
Sean Doyle, Ph.D., taught at New York University in the Department of Nutrition in 2001, facilitating courses in the Culinary Science laboratory. Since then, he taught business-related courses at various institutions of higher learning and serves as an education consultant in on-ground, blended, and online learning environments. Dr. Doyle’s discipline areas of expertise include Organizational Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Organizational Design, Service Delivery, Small Business Management, Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, Experiential Learning, and Competency-Based Learning.
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Plenary Session
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