VR 2020: Is it Safe for Education?

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Virtual Reality (VR) using a head-mounted display (HMD) device promises a transformational learning experience, but is it safe for educational use? Join Dr. Calongne to explore the research, educational affordances, and challenges for use in the online classroom. The session includes observations about mixed reality and augmented reality.
Cynthia Calongne
Cynthia Calongne, Doctoral Studies, Colorado Technical University, United States
Dr. Cynthia Calongne is a professor in Doctoral Studies at Colorado Technical University and CCCOnline. She taught 52 university classes that met in a virtual world and 24 years on campus, hybrid, and online classes. A pioneer in 3D immersive education, she received the Thinkerer award at the 2017 Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education for lifetime achievement, and her team won the $25,000 Grand Prize in the Federal Virtual World Challenge for their space simulation the Mars Expedition Strategy Challenge.
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Plenary Session
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  1. I also dug out my 25 year old VR gear to discuss how the technology evolved and also where it is going *grins*

    Not sure if we can use the camera for the keynote addresses, but if we can, I’ll demonstrate it. And if not, I’ll show it tomorrow. *grins* My 6:00 session is in Mountain time and 2pm in Hawaii time.

    Looking forward to chatting with you! *grins*
    Cyn / Lyr Lobo

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