Flexible Personal Pathways for Lifelong and Lifewide Learning

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With the unprecedented potential of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, mobile computing and blockchain technologies, stakeholders in education need to reconsider conceptions and systems of education. Rigid course sequences in fixed time frames may no longer be adequate and may limit the potential for maximum learning. Online resources such as open educational resources (OERs) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) provide ample opportunities for learners to study subjects that interest them; learning is not bound to only one location which blurs the boundaries of formal, non-formal and informal learning. This presentation will offer a view of the future of lifelong learning in which one can keep track of all the learning through digital badges and micro-credentials and choose to share the processes and the results of that learning as s/he wishes.
Kumiko Aoki
Kumiko Aoki, Professor, Open University of Japan
Dr. Kumiko Aoki (Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences) is Professor of Informatics at the Open University of Japan. She teaches digital media, social informatics, and e-learning via satellite television broadcasting, the Internet, and print materials as well as face-to-face classes at the Open University of Japan (OUJ). Her research interest is the effective use of information and communication technologies in higher education and their impact on the practices of teaching and learning in higher education.
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